Aging Backordered Report

  1. It is an Aging Backordered report by item, customer and sales order number.
  2. You may choose modifiable aging buckets.
  3. You can figure out the issue with your vendors or purchasing department.
  4. You can keep your customers informed so they do not get upset.
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This Aging backordered report in QuickBooks Advanced Reporting shows the number of days an item on a sales order for each customer has been open on the system (the number of days since the sales order was entered).

The aging buckets are changeable and businesses can adjust them as per their need.

This aging information indicates the level of activities on orders that have been there for a period of time, which might point to an issue with your vendor,  purchasing department or projecting demand for items itself.

You can even use this information to keep your customers timely informed if the shipment is getting delayed.